New Video: Carolina Liar, ‘I’m Not Over’


With Spencer now out of the apartment and She-Spencer partying with Lauren, the latest Hills drama involves Heidi encroaching upon the sacred ground that is Audrina and Lauren’s apartment — dudes, Audrina needs to learn that home turf is sacred and you don’t let the enemy in on sacred ground. (Even if they do just need to pick up their cheesy photo box and gilded mirror.)

Lauren might argue that where Heidi goes, deceit isn’t far behind (‘specially if Spencer’s right behind Heidi). So, it almost makes too much sense that the song playing during that scene where Audrina and Lauren discuss Heidi’s visit (so tense! so awkward!) was written by a band with a shady-sounding name — Carolina Liar. (Hills music supervisors, you done did it again, you dirty dogs, you!)

Carolina Liar is South Carolina-born roots rocker Chad Wolf (pictured above), who played L.A. coffeehouses (not unlike the ones where Lauren’s constantly picking up those iced coffees) for years before a chance encounter with Swedish power-producer Max Martin, who booked him on a flight to Sweden, which led to Wolf’s forming a band backed by impeccably dressed Swedes, which found them all back in an L.A. house, where Wolf and co. wrote and recorded an album’s worth of introspective yet accessible modern rock songs (think a grittier Maroon 5) several of which have landed on The Hills.

But we’ll get into that a little more in an exclusive interview with Carolina Liar, coming soon. Until then, watch their brand-new video, “I’m Not Over,” (a theme that sounds like a certain couple we know… Seriously… DAMN YOU, HILLS MUSIC PEOPLE! You done did it again!) and check out a behind-the-scenes clip from the video shoot.

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