New Video Playlist! Ready, Set, Dance, Tokio Hotel, Dance!

Inspired by Bill’s (maybe?) new(-ish) hair, today’s Cherry Tree’s Tweet that Tokio Hotel’s hauling ass to finish up that new album, and, speaking of ass, the new Tokio Hotel TV ep wherein Gustav shakes his, I put together a new video playlist lovingly entitled “Dance, Tokio Hotel, Dance.”

They’re all videos about dancing. (I know. Brainbusting concept, no?)

Highlights include:

+ Fall Out Boy | “Dance Dance”

+ Metro Station | “Shake It”

+ Chromeo | “Fancy Footwork”

+ David Bowie | “Let’s Dance”

+ CSS | “Move”

+ Hot Hot Heat | “Talk To Me Dance With Me”

+ Mase | “Breathe, Stretch, Shake”

+ TV On The Radio | “Dancing Choose”

+ The Danger O’s | “Dance Dance Revolution 2″

… and more! Watch them all here, ToHos, und tanz!!