Taylor Swift Covers ‘Live Your Life’ With T.I. And ‘Yeah!’ With Usher (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

Taylor Swift has like, the most well-stocked celebrity Rolodex EVER. During almost every stop on her “Speak Now” tour, Taylor makes it a point to call upon a celeb friend native to the city she’s currently touring to help her do a cover. In Chicago, Taylor covered “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy, in Detroit she tackled Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself,” and (though it was sans Britney SpearsTaylor put her own spin on “Lucky” while on her stopover in Louisiana.

But Taylor’s two most recent covers may be her most high-profile yet! While in Atlanta, Taylor called upon T.I. to help her cover his smash collabo with Rihanna, “Live Your Life.” Decked in her signature lilac dress, a cute and confident Taylor started singing Rihanna’s hook: “You’re gonna be, a shining star/In fancy clothes, and fancy cars.” Then, just as the audience realized what was about to go down, a super badass announcer style Taylor yelled “T.I.!!!” as the rapper took the stage to perform his swagged-out rhymes.

If doing a baller cover with T.I. wasn’t enough to up this country cutie’s street cred, then how about personally asking Usher to come on stage and help her perform a rendition of his dance jam “Yeah!“? Because that totally happened during Taylor’s recent stop in A-Town! The duo got the audience ready for da club as Usher sang and Taylor took a stab at rapping Ludacris‘ verse. Tay was also gracious enough to invite Usher’s two adorable sons on stage as well. We’d give anything to meet those mini-Ushers! Ugh, why do famous pop stars get to have all the fun?

+ Watch Taylor Swift cover T.I.’s “Live Your Life” and Usher’s “Yeah!”