Video Premiere: Justin Bieber, ‘Mistletoe’

If your neighbor’s Halloween wreath is too much for you to handle, you should probably just hibernate for the next few months. We have the first holiday video premiere of the season — Justin Bieber‘s “Mistletoe” — so we’re pretty sure winter’s coming whether you like it or not. Scrooges to the left!

As we saw in the preview of “Mistletoe” we brought you guys last week, Justin Bieber’s latest video tells the story of a warm and fuzzy holiday romance. Justin meets up with his Selena Gomez look-alike video girlfriend (come on, you don’t see it?!) for some hot chocolate, but then this blonde bug-a-boo comes out of nowhere. She pulls up a spot at their table like she was invited and starts twirling her hair, putting the major flirt on Biebs. Justin goes with it a little bit and his GF’s all, “Um, pretty sure I use to have her shirt… LIKE THREE YEARS AGO.” (She doesn’t really say that.)

Bieber and his GF sneak away to an outdoor holiday market where they shop for Christmas presents, take photos in a photobooth and try on winter accessories. Then the blonde girl is back, trying to get Justin’s attention again, and dude is no good at fending her off. So Justin’s girlfriend heads home, where she sits in her room looking sad and reading a book. But then she suddenly realizes, “Wait, there’s a large gift sitting on my bed!” She opens it to find a beautiful dress from Justin and card that reads, “You’re my Christmas wish. Meet me outside. – Justin Bieber.” Because my boyfriend signs his last name on all of his cards to me, too.

Homegirl heads outside, Justin’s there to save the day with a sick ride and they drive off to a holiday party where they… wait for it… kiss under a mistletoe! It’s holiday fun for everyone! Except that blonde girl. And the thousands of girls about to watch this video and cry themselves to sleep. Merry Christmas!

Justin Bieber’s holiday album Under The Mistletoe drops Nov. 1. “Mistletoe” is available now on iTunes.

+ Watch Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” video.