Star Spotting: Newly Single Katy Perry Looks Better Than Ever

Credit: Splash News

Katy Perry took time off from public appearances to cope with her recent split from Russell Brand, but girl knows the show must go on (that’s a metaphor about life, too, guys!). What better way to start her new journey into singledom than by keeping busy while looking totally FOINE your first day back to work? It definitely beats getting caught perusing the self-help section at your local bookstore dressed in three-day-old sweatpants — not that we know anything about that.

The beautiful “One That Got Away” singer took the stage for the final days of her “California Dreams” tour in Indonesia where she was snapped graciously receiving a kiss from a fan. Another good way to move on from a breakup: have bros from around the world fawn all over you. Publicly.

Katy not only took time off to refresh herself, but she also revamped the concert footage that plays during her performance. Videos that once portrayed her and Russell’s wedding have now been replaced with images of cartoon animals. Another really good way to move on: Get rid of any evidence that proves the event ever existed. Now you’re learning!

+ Watch Katy Perry perform “Not Like The Movies” in Indonesia below.