Star Spotting: Joe Jonas CARRIES Nicki Minaj (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas loves him some (cardboard) Nicki Minaj.

I guess if you can’t hold the real Nicki Minaj, then clutching her cardboard cutout is the next best option! As you can plainly see by looking at my next Hanukkah card the STUNNING image above, Joe Jonas is a little bit obsessed with Nicki Minaj. To profess his love for the three-time 2012 MTV VMA nominee, the upcoming “The Next” judge lovingly held and cradled a cardboard cutout of Nicki. He tweeted, ”I got an early birthday present.”

Oh yes — we should mention that Joe Jonas’ birthday is rapidly approaching (it’s on Aug. 15 if you wanna send chocolate, guys.) But, what Joe isn’t quite acknowledging is that HIS ROLODEX IS SO STACKED, that he actually probably knows Nicki and can invite the “Pound The Alarm” singer to his private birthday bash, most likely taking place on a super-yacht that will sail around the world. But nice try pretending to not be famous, bro! Maybe you’ll convince someone next time.

Photo credit: @joejonas