Video Premiere: Diplo, Featuring Lazerdisk Party Sex, ‘Set It Off,’

Diplo: part DJ, part producer, part space enthusiast.

The best thing about Diplo‘s “Set It Off” video, featuring Lazerdisk Party Sex, is that he was like “Hokay. I want my “Set It Off” video to just be strippers twirling around a pole in the cosmos. And some birds. AND A PLANE WITH MY NAME ON IT!” And then he went out and MADE THAT HAPPEN!!! AMERICA! No dream is too big, too small, or too jiggly. Also, how is this not an Aziz Ansari sketch where he describes a night out with R. Kelly or Kanye West? Also, HOW can we cut federal funding to NASA IF THIS IS WHAT SPACE LOOKS LIKE!?!??!

+ Watch Diplo’s “Set It Off” video, featuring Lazerdisk Party Sex.

Photo credit: Mad Decent