One Direction Get Wet, Wild & Encourage Us To ‘Get Some’ In Their ‘Live While We’re Young’ Video

One Direction are lookin’ pretty chummy in their new “Live While We’re Young” video.

Today just got a whole lot better, Directioners!! We’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for One Direction‘s upcoming sophomore release AND their new single “Live While We’re Young,” (and don’t get us wrong — we’ve been more than fine watching their 2012 MTV VMA “One Thing” performance a terrifying number of times). And just when we thought we could NOT handle that image of the guys in wet T-shirts on the “Live While We’re Young” video shoot, One Direction dropped their “Live While We’re Young” video TODAY, ahead of their originally planned Oct. 1 release.

So what’s going on in the “Live While We’re Young” video? Oh, just some good ol’ fashioned fun. Just a pile o’ guys climbing all over each other, dousing each other with hoses, playing with ENORMOUS BANANAS AND MICROPHONES, and enjoying some more wet T-shirt time. That kinda thing! Just some goood ole’ fashioned fun, like we said.

Watch One Direction’s new “Live While We’re Young” video after the jump.

Clearly One Direction’s growing up at an alarming rate, because at the start of the clip, we see Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayne waking up together in a tent (and we’re not asking questions). Then, in a very “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees” moment, the dudes poke their heads out from the tent (in what will become the first of many dude piles), which is the jump-off to what looks like an all-day party complete with a shallow pool, lots of boyz and girlz, wet T-shirts (Harry’s in particular), large blow-up bananas, inflatable balls and microphones (JUST SOME POOL TOYS, GUYS!!), and singin’ in a circle with acoustic guitars. BTW, Harry looks like he’s ready to create the perfect drum circle with those bongos, but he should note that I don’t think they allow shrunken tweed blazers in most drum circles. At least Matthew McConaughey probably doesn’t.

As One Direction’s Sunday Fun Day continues, the boys seem fully committed to their objective as they sing “Let’s go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun/ I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love/ we’ll never never never stop for anyone/ tonight let’s get some/ and live while we’re young.” And judging by the fact that every member of One Direction is now officially over 18 (not that I’ve been counting, except I have) and hoping to “get some,” we’ll just pause and let you ruminate over all the wet T-shirts, hose spray-downs, giant bananas, and other Frued-ridden props. Zero complaints from Buzzworthy.

Watch One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young” video, and check out our “Live While We’re Young” GIF wall!

Photo credit: Columbia Records