Dillon Francis Goes To A Thrift Shop, Finds Love On A Water Slide With Chrissy Teigen At Hangout Fest (VIDEO)

Dillon Francis Chrissy Teigne Hangout

Dillon Francis, on his “Suit & Tie” ish on a date with Chrissy Teigen at Hangout Fest.

I thought our list of reasons why we love Dillon Francis was pretty detailed and basically exhaustive to begin with. Dude loves cats, he’s bros with Diplo (callll meeee!), I mean… he’s adorable, he made one of the funniest music videos since “The Real Slim Shady,” (did I mention the cats?) and he got to his Hangout Fest set with just minutes to spare. How could a dude get more perfect? Oh yeah — he’s into thrift shop.

Before he reported for duty as a special guest correspondent at Hangout Fest, we took Dillon Francis to a local thrift shop here in Gulf Shores, Ala. In keeping with the spirit of Macklemore (and, you could say, to echo the refrain of the 2013 sequester — budget cuts, people), we wanted to save a few bucks but still spruce Dillon up before he met up with his Hangout Fest celebrity co-corespondent for the weekend, Chrissy Teigen!

Watch Dillon Francis visit a thrift shop and go on a date with Chrissy Teigen after the jump!

What’d Dillon pick up for mere pennies at the Hangout Fest’s local thrift shop? Nope, not a broken keyboard! A stuffed duck, of course, and a cute suit perfect for taking Chrissy Teigen on a non-date that included a ride down Hangout Fest’s beachside inflatable water slide. A date in a suit on a water slide in Alabama. Because Dillon Francis can still stay on his “Suit & Tie” s*** (topical, get it, because he remixed Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”) while hanging at Hangout Fest.

+ Watch Dillon Francis make a trip to a thrift shop at Hangout Fest, and see his first non-date date with supermodel Chrissy Teigen on a waterslide at Hangout Fest. And check out Chrissy Teigen’s death-defying ride on the Megadrop.


Sadly, things did not end well between Dillon Francis and Chrissy Teigen. Or between Chrissy and that thrift shop duck.

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Photo credit: Chrissy Teigen/ Instagram