Buzzworthy Obsession: The Julie Ruin, ‘Oh Come On’ (LYRIC VIDEO)

Punk pioneer Kathleen Hanna is back at long last with The Julie Ruin's new lyric video, "Oh Come On."

Punk pioneer Kathleen Hanna is back with The Julie Ruin’s new lyric video, “Oh Come On.”

We’re not usually in the habit of assigning homework around here, especially this close to summer, but if the name Kathleen Hanna doesn’t ring a bell, then you should promptly close whatever other tabs you have open IMMEDIATELY and get to learnin’. (Here’s a good place to start.) Hanna, who basically turned the ’90s on its head with groups like riot grrrl standard-bearers Bikini Kill and electroclash dervishes Le Tigre, has a new band called The Julie Ruin, and in a completely unsurprising turn of events, their song “Oh Come On” is incredibly badass. Yeah, you should turn this one all the way up.

Watch The Julie Ruin’s “Oh Come On” lyric video after the jump.

The five-piece band, which originally formed in 2011, and before that was an experimental project for Hanna, is finally set to release their proper debut LP, Run Fast, on Sept. 3 via their own label, naturally (DIY OR DIE). The song and the lyric video are a characteristic mashup of stylistic edges, with Hanna’s abrasive shouts contrasting with alternating sweet and even harsher backup vocals all over a dirty guitar riff rhythm. “Say it on the street/ On the lawn/ On the dial/ Make it supersweet/ but still versatile,” Hanna commands. We’d say they pretty much nailed that here.

+ Watch The Julie Ruin’s “Oh Come On” lyric video, and download the free MP3.

Photo credit: TJR Records/Dischord Records