Celebrate American Freedom With 9 Shirtless Photos Of Justin Bieber

Celebrate America with 9 shirtless Justin Bieber photos!

Oh, how far we’ve come… This is one of Justin’s first-ever shirtless pics!

Happy (day after) Fourth of July, everybody!! Hopefully this morning you woke up feeling fresh and relaxed after your day off… Maybe you saw some fireworks, maybe you ate a few burgers, heck, maybe you even watched “Independence Day.” But look, we see no reason to cease celebrations just because it’s technically July 5! Nay, we think now’s the perfect time to keep the party going, and what better way to do that than by paying homage to Canada’s finest export since Molson: Justin Bieber!? Or, more specifically, shirtless Justin Bieber! Because nothing says “independence” and “I can do what I want” like Justin’s perpetual refusal to wear clothes, and nothing says “history lesson” better than reviewing our favorite shirtless Justin moments. So, grab a beverage, sit next to the AC, remove your shirt, and get ready to dive face-first into a full photo montage of Justin Bieber’s pecs.

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