Austin Mahone Shaves Head, Taylor Swift No Longer Surprised + More Horrifying Halloween Headlines Straight Out Of Your Pop Music Nightmares!

BOOOOOOOOO! Who said that? Probably DEFINITELY the ghost that, um, haunts Buzzworthy — erm, we mean BOOOOOOO-zzworthy!!!! Wait, you’re not scared? Well, if the ol’ “projecting our voices so you think that we’re ghosts” thing won’t work, then it looks like we’re gonna have to break out the bigger, scarier guns to haunt your Halloween.

Ready your souls, mortals, for below we have conjured up the most bone-chilling Horrifying Headlines straight out of your worst pop music-related nightmares! Imagine the most terrifying possible news that Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and the rest of your faves could announce! Well, prepare yourself, because we’ve got ’em all. Not even One Direction‘s Zayn Malik with his heavenly li’l kitten face is safe from the horror below. Flawlessly executed Vincent Price laugh!

Austin Mahone shaves his head on Halloween!


Miley Cyrus' tongue collapses on Halloween!

How horrible, and so unexpected! No, really, we figured that the “Wrecking Ball” singer would sooner throw out her twerk bone than even, like, get a cavity. But seriously, #PrayForMiley.

Lady Gaga wears a dress made out of Miley Cyrus' tongue on Halloween.

Having recently suffered a collapse, Miley’s tongue will never lick another sledgehammer as long as it lives. What better way to spend the resulting downtime than by teaming up with the “Venus” singer to devote itself to a cause — the cause of #FASHUNZ.

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Taylor Swift stops being surprised on Halloween!

What if we present Taylor with an unexpected award? No? What about a basket of puppies wearing people clothes? No?? Uhhhh, what about a jack in the box? TAYLOR?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

David Fincher announces darker One Direction movie reboot scored by Trent Reznor on Halloween!

Here’s how we envision the “This Is Us” collab between director David Fincher and Nine Inch NailsTrent Reznor: Harry Styles returns to his pre-fame job at the local taxidermist’s, run by an old man with vulture wings roughly stitched in where his arms should be. Zayn plays hide and seek with Niall and finds him, hours later, inside a rusty iron maiden. Lowering his voice, Liam whispers “I want to f*** you like an animal” into Louis’ ear, to which he responds, “Yeesh, buy a guy dinner first!” before dissolving into a swarm of locusts. GOOD FAMILY FUN.