Watch Ke$ha’s Neon-Bearded, Twerking Lumberjack Birthday Wishes Come True!

Happy 27th birthday, Ke$ha! Watch this video to see if your bearded, twerking lumberjack dreasm come true.OH MY GOD, CAN WE PLZ COME TO THIS PARTY, KE$HA?!?!

When we realized that Ke$ha’s 27th birthday was coming up, we knew we had to totally slay the gift-giving game. Given that she’s getting herself right in rehab¬†right now (we LOVE and support you, girl!), we wanted to get it right. Hmmmm, but, what to get?

At first we thought a trial membership with the Illuminati’s SoCal chapter might be nice, but then we realized that she’s probs already paying her dues. (Thanks, the weird part of YouTube!) Then, we considered a subscription to Better Beards & ‘Staches magazine, only to remember that such a publication does not exist. #WHYNOT

Then suddenly, it hit us! What more could the “Timber” singer possibly want than to party in a trippy, alternate dimension populated by twerking, makeout-ready lumberjacks? We’re pretty sure this video animated by Leah Shore (who also did the animation for K-Dollar’s “Your Love Is My Drug,” FYI) nails it.

+ Watch MTV’s “Happy Birthday, Ke$ha!” video.

Credit: Leah Shore