Tokyo Police Club Learn Exactly How Not To Record An Album

Watch the newest episode of MTV Other's "In The Studio With Jared Raab" featuring Tokyo Police Club.

Tokyo Police Club learn the hard way to never let MTV Other in a recording session.

You know how it is when you’re in a cool band. You hit the studio to record your fourth album, you let Jared Raab join your session because that’s his THING, then a “producer” hijacks everything and makes you record ambient noise with… A belt.

Check out the newest episode of MTV Other’s “In The Studio With Jared” featuring special guest Tokyo Police Club, say a prayer for the band, and don’t miss their Forcefield album coming out Mar. 25 — in that order. It gets weird — fast.

+ Watch MTV Other’s “In the Studio With Jared: Tokyo Police Club.”

Photo credit: Andrew Strapp