Hay, Gurl, Hay! Buzzworthy’s Moving!


Hey guys what? Buzzworthy’s getting a facelift! One of the fancy ones. Not one of those terrifying joker-face botch jobs. We’re getting a bigger, prettier site at our new home at MTV News! Yay! We’re movin’ on up to a nicer crib! With a dishwasher and washer/dryer and the Hello Kitty bathroom of our dreams.


To paraphrase our esteemed prophet Beyonce…

All of your favorite Buzzworthy friends will still be bringing you new videos and songs, exclusive music premieres, artists and bands we’re obsessed with, funny celebrity photos (well, they make us laugh, at least), Stan stories, and hair flips you know and love, except even more of them.

So join us over at MTVNews.com and at @MTVBuzzworthy on Twitter. And yes, you can definitely sit with us.

Photo credit: Giphy & @LAMBSURSMIMI